Quick Fixes For Common Washing Machine Problems

Quick Fixes For Common Washing Machine Problems

If your clothes washer will not turn on make sure the power cord is plugged in and the cord is not faulty. If the clothes washer still will not switch on, then check the circuit breaker of fuse.

Oversudsing may cause leaks and blocked drains within the clothes washer. To reduce oversudsing when it takes place, pour ½ cup white vinegar mixed with cold water into the clothes washer.

If experience problems with the water temperature, make sure the faucets are fully open and there is enough hot water available. Also check to see if the screens in the inlet valve or hoses aren’t clogged.

If the washer will not spin or begins to shake, the problem is most likely that the load may be too bulky or out of balance. A quick fix for this is to try and remove some clothes or redistribute the load.

Quick fixes and tips for repairing common washing machine problems.

Problem: The washing machine won’t run
Cause:No power is reaching the outlet

Safety switch is tripped

Inlet hose valve isn’t open

Solution:Check the fuse box / circuit breaker

Distribute the clothes evenly and make sure the lid is closed

Open the inlet valve

Problem: The washing machine doesn’t fill with water
Cause:Filters are clogged

A kink in one of the hoses

Timer is not set

Solution:Check and lean the inlet hose filters

Straighten the water supply hose

Turn the timer slightly or press the buttons firmly

Problem: The water doesn’t stop running
Cause:Overflow swithch hose is disconnected

Overflow swithch is defective

Timer is defective

Solution:Replace the water hose

Check the switch and replace it

Replace the timer or call a qualified professional

Problem: The tub fills with water but machine doesn’t run
Cause:Lid safety switch is tripped

Too much laundry in the tub

Solution:Make sure the lid is closed.  If it is, check the switch.

Take some things out and wait 15 minutes for the motor to reset

CAUTION: Before making any repairs, unplug the clothes washer and turn off the faucets.