How To Build A Porch Railing

Installing porch railing to an existing porch adds a measure of safety to the porch which can be a real advantage in the event that small children are present. Porch railing is also essential for safe passage when using steps.

The key to being pleased with your project is in choosing a railing pattern that you like and want to see at your own porch. The railing should reflect your design preferences just as you would decorate a room in your house. Just because it has a utility function, it does not need to be drab or unpleasant. Take advantage of new and modern styles to achieve the look you desire.

Here are some tips when learning how to put on porch railing:

• Measure carefully before making your final size choices for your railing. Be certain that the railing is tall enough that small children will be kept safe.

• Be sure that you can adequately secure the railing to the flooring and steps as well as to any adjacent walls, for stability.

• Don’t compromise safety for frugality. Think of your porch railing as an investment that will enhance your safe enjoyment of your  house.

• Whether you install a wooden railing or a metal one, take steps to protect the porch under the railing when you attempt to paint it. Using a rust-resistant paint on metal railing or treated wood and a paint that will further seal it and protect it from the weather is your most sensible act when you are at the painting phase of the installation.

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