How To Repair A Hole In Your Wall

Having a hole in your wall, for whatever reason, is an unsightly problem—one you undoubtedly want to remedy as soon as possible! Regardless of how the hole came into existence, it should be relatively easy to fix once you secure the proper materials.

How you will ultimately fix your hole in your wall will depend upon the composition of your wall. Walls made from plaster require different and more permanent repair than drywall holes. The goal of wall repair is to make the wall appear as though nothing happened in the first place. Both plaster and drywall are capable of being tastefully repaired in such a way that the damage and repair will be invisible.

Here are some tips to follow when exploring how to repair a hole in your wall:

• Ascertain what your walls are made from to determine the correct procedure to be followed.

• If the walls are plaster, the hole can be filled in with new plaster as well can you fix a crack on your plaster wall. Tape around where the plaster has been applied. Apply builder’s mud to the patch, and then sand the surface until it is smooth. When the patched and taped hole has been smoothed and brushed off, the surface is ready to paint or wallpaper.

• If the surface to be fixed is drywall, it may be possible to secure a replacement piece of drywall to fit into the hole. If the hole is a small hole, it may be possible to repair it with tape and mud alone. Tape over the hole and then smooth the edges of the tape down with mud. Allow it to dry thoroughly and then paint it or paper it as needed. A step to sand it smooth may or may not be needed to prepare the spot for painting.

• In order to give the wall a newly finished look, it may be necessary to apply a thin coat over the entire wall in question after the repairs have dried.

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