Quick Fixes For Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Quick Fixes For Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Quick fixes and tips for repairing common kitchen garbage disposal problems.

Problem: Can’t turn the motor on

No power

On / off switch is defective

Overload protector switch is tripped


Check the fuse box / circuit breaker.  If the disposal is plugged into a way outlet, check the outlet.

On continuous-feed models, check the wall switch.  On batch-feed models, check the stopper switch.

If the flywheel is jammed, free it up.  Then, push the reset button.

Problem: Motor hums but unit doesn’t grind

Flywheel is jammed

Motor bearings have frozen


Free the flywheel

Call a qualified professional.  You’ll probably have to buy a new unit.

Problem: The garbage disposal grinds things too slowly

Not enough water

Improper waste in the unit

Dull shredder ring or broken flyweights


Run more cold water when using the disposal

Only dispose of materials allowed by the manual

Replace defective parts

Problem: The garbage disposal is making an unusual amount of noise

Metallic object in the unit

Mounting screws are loose

Flyweight is broken

Motor is defective


Inspect the unit and fish out the object with tongs.

Tighten the mounting screws

Replace the broken flywheel

Call a qualified professional