How To Put On New Door Hinges

New door hinges may be put on for appearance or to replace worn out hinges to make the door function better. Often, new door hardware is an important part of a renovation projects from refacing your kitchen cabinets to replacing an old door, gives new life and functionality to the door in question.

Door hinges come in many forms and made from many different substances. A shiny new set of hinges on a freshly painted door can make a world of difference when sprucing up an old door!

Fallow these helpful tips on how to put on new door hinges:

1. Do you intend to get new hinges similar in size and make of the old hinges? Will the new hinges be able to fit into the existing holes in the door? If not, you will need to make arrangements for having new holes drilled.

2. Once you have brought your new hinges home from the store, line up the new hinges with the existing holes. Use a pencil to mark lightly where the new hinges will be attached, both on the new door and on the doorframe where the door will hang.

3. Stand the door up to be sure that your hole drawings are in the proper locations before drilling the new holes.

4. Drill the new holes in both the doors and in the door frame where the hinge will attach to the building.

5. Screw in all of the hinge hardware, being sure that the hinge is in an acceptable location.

6. Add the final pin that attaches the door portion of the hinge to the wall portion, and be certain that the door swings freely when open and closed.

7. Lubricate the hinge before finishing the job.

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