How To Reface Your Cabinets

When it’s time to update your old kitchen and give it a new, modern look, consider learning to reface your cabinet doors when making your decorating plans. The simple act of re-facing your cabinets can result in a savings of thousands of dollars, while at the same time giving you an immense feeling of satisfaction at the change you have brought to the appearance of your kitchen.

Follow these steps to show you how to reface your cabinets :

1. First, assess the surface that is already on the cabinet surfaces. Determine whether it is wood stain or some type of paint. That determination will allow you to choose the proper removal chemical to use to remove the old surface. Be SURE to wear a protective mask; anything strong enough to dissolve paint should not be inhaled or otherwise ingested!
2. If the surface is paint, attempt to scrape the paint off. If it is too thick to scrape, try to dissolve it with paint thinner and then try again to scrape it.
3. After scraping the finish, sand with an electric sander Start with a coarse grit first, and then finish with a finer grind.
4. If there is a decorative ridge in the surface of the cabinet, that may be filled in with construction and wall mud to smooth out the surface.
5. Once the surface is smoothed and properly finished, it is time to apply the new color to the cabinet in order to make it match the new décor of your new kitchen.

Refacing your cabinets is a cheap way to refurbish your kitchen cabinets!

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