How To Install A Washer

One of the great modern conveniences available today is the presence of personal on-site laundry appliances including a clothes washer and dryer. A washer is a luxury that not everyone in the world is able to enjoy. It is possible to purchase a clothes washing machine from a local store and to install it in your home yourself; this can be accomplished more inexpensively than purchasing it from an appliance dealer and having it professionally installed. When you learn how to install it yourself, you have the opportunity of avoiding delivery and installation costs which can help your budget and give you the satisfaction of handling this simple hook-up job on your own!

Here are some simple instructions on how to install a washer:

  • Be certain that the washer will fit in the space allotted for it
  • Determine ahead of time if the hook-ups are designed for a gas washer; these are becoming less common
  • Be sure that all electrical cords will reach; ideally, you will have 3-prong grounded plugs for an appliance drawing that much current
  • Be certain that all water hook-ups are long enough to reach the appliance. It is possible to get extenders for those pipes; if you need that type of extension, be sure that it fits properly to avoid unexpected leaks
  • Prepare the space for the new washer by washing and drying the floor where it will sit
  • Before you attempt to wash clothes, run a load of clean water through the machine to clear out the pipes
  • Once you have installed your washer, make sure you know how of fixes the common washing machine problems that can occur
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