How To Shut Off Electrical Power To Your Home

If you own a home you should know how to turn off your electrical power. The main cut off allows you to disconnect the entire or part of the electrical system instantly at any time you need to change a fuse or make repairs, or in case of an electrical emergency. Your cut off will be one of the following types:

Lever Switch: To shout off pull the lever to the OFF position.

Pull-Out Fuse Block: To turn off electrical power, pull firmly on the head grip to remove the blocks. Once the block is removed your power will be shut off.

Single Main Circuit Breaker: Push the main breaker handle to the OFF position to turn off the power.

When you’re working on a switch, receptacle, or fixture that cannot be unplugged, shut off the power to the branch circuit. Flip the breaker for the circuit to the OFF position. For a circuit with a fuse, turn off the main power supply before removing the fuse for the circuit you’re working on. Once you are done, you can then turn back on the main power supply. Apply backup electrical safety measures.