How To Install Tile Backsplash

Whether you are installing your first tile backsplash to be used in your home or replacing an existing one, a tile backsplash is an excellent way to protect your walls from being unexpectedly   splattered by liquids such as water behind the sink or grease behind the stove. The walls shielded can be located behind the kitchen sink, behind a utility or crafts sink, under cabinetry in the kitchen or bath, behind a bathroom fixture, or behind the stove in the kitchen.  Regardless of its location, the price of obtaining and installing the tile will be far outweighed by the protection the tile gives to the adjacent walls being shielded.

The tile chosen for this duty can be any heat resistant tile. Glazed, colorful tiles in compatible colors with the space where they are installed are a popular, decorative choice. The plus with these tiles is that they are easy to keep clean with only minor effort!

In order to competently install a tile backsplash, follow these simple instructions:

1. The wall the tiles will be placed on should be clean, smooth and dry before beginning the actual application of the tiles.
2. Set out or draw out the design as it will appear on the wall when the tile work is finished.        3. Be sure you measure and lay out all supplies carefully; it is easier to catch a mistake before it is glued tightly to the wall!
4. Apply mastic to the entire space to be covered with tile..
5. Set your field tile as a border along the bottom.
6. Cut any tiles that need cutting in order for them to fit.
7. Put in place the decorative tiles over the field tile border.
8. Apply grout to the tile work at the tile joints.
9. Notch the tiles with a wet saw to improve their ability to remain in place.
10. Clean the finished effect and check to be sure that all are caulked.
11. Enjoy your beautiful handiwork!

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