How To Check Fire Alarms In Your Home

Installing fire alarms is the safest thing that you can do for your family. But, many people install them and then forget about them. This really defeats the purpose because if it does not work it can not keep you safe. They need to be checked and they need to be checked regularly.

Try following these simple steps when you check your fire alarms so that you can be sure they are working correctly.

1.)   Always check the batteries. If you have a battery tester you can use that. If you do not have a tester then you should just replace the batteries all together every few months. That way you always know that they are working properly.

2.)   While you are checking the batteries, take the time to check all of the wires. You want to know that the connections are good and working correctly. If the alarm goes off when you touch the wires, you may have a bad connection and you will want to get a new alarm.

3.)   Clean the fire alarm out. It can get bugs and dust in it. These things can effect the way that fire alarm operates. It is often best to clean out all dust and bugs that may be in the alarm in order to ensure it is working properly.

You need to complete these steps on a regular basis. If you are afraid that you will overlook to check your fire alarms, then you may want to write it down on a calendar so that you do not forget.

Make sure you know where to place a smoke detector within your homeas as well.  Properly placed fire alarms can save you and your families lives. It is very important to properly place a check your fire alarms for your safety.