Checking Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

It is extremely important to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home; however if you have one and do not check it on a regular basis then it is practically useless.  If you choose not to check your carbon monoxide detector regularly it may have a malfunction or be clogged with dirt or dust.

It is quick and easy to check your carbon monoxide detector, and you can do so by following these simple steps.

  • Remove your carbon monoxide detector from the wall it is plugged into and place it in a safe dry place.  Do not put the detector into a wet area, because it does use electricity and being wet can cause a malfunction.


  • Clean the dust and dirt out from the various creases in the device, using a dry cloth.  This is the most important step because dust and dirt can cause the device to not detect the carbon monoxide.


  •  Press the “test” button on the device.  When you press the “test” button an alarm will sound.  This sound will let you know that your device is working right and that you can plug it back into the wall. 

Having a working carbon monoxide detector is an important asset to have in your house.  It can keep people safe and ensure that your home is not being threatened.  Because carbon monoxide is odorless, the only way to detect it is with a carbon monoxide detector.  If you do not regularly check your carbon monoxide detector, you may not be fully protected. You can plan to check your carbon monoxide detector with your usual checkups on your fire alarm in your home

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