Garage Door Maintenance – What Should Be Done Periodically

If you have garage doors you should know that regular maintenance should be performed on them periodically in order to ensure that they are working the way that they are supposed to and preventing any future garage door problems.

Now that you know you should be completing regular checks on your garage doors you may want to know exactly what you should do.  Follow these simple steps and you will be good to go.

•    Check the screws in the tracks.  There may be times when the screws loosen. This causes the doors to have a difficult time opening and closing properly.  This could also result in damage to the motor for the door if it is struggling to open and close the door.

•    Wipe the tracks down with motor oil every so often to keep things running smoothly just like when they were new.

•    Check the rollers.  If they are broken then you may want to remove them and purchase new ones. This is not expensive and it does not take much time.  If they are just tight then you will want to place some lubricant on them.

It is not difficult to perform regular maintenance on your garage doors and this article proves that.  You just need to remember to add it to your year round home maintenance check list.  You might even want to write it down on a calendar every month or two so you do not forget.