Garage Door Problems?

Regular maintenance to your garage door will head off future garage door problems. To maintain your garage door:

Lubricate: Periodically clean the tracks and lubricate them with penetrating oil or silicone spray. Lubricate hinges and rollers.

Tighten and Clean: Tighten screws on hardware, and clean hinges and rollers. Keep the door sealed and painted along the edges to prevent moisture damage to the door.

Take Care of the Lock: Use graphite spray to the lock.

Inspect Regularly: Inspect the springs. replace any springs that develop bulges or are unevenly spaced. Make sure you have safety cables installed in the springs on any one-pieced garage door.

Weather-Stripping: Weather-stripping should be nailed to the outside of a roll up garage door as while as to both sides and the bottom. On a swing up garage door only the bottom portion of the garage door needs to be weather-stripped.

Roll-Up Garage Door: A roll-up garage door consist of two tension springs. The tension springs are located on each side of the garage door or a single spring that extends across the top of the garage door opening.

Swing-Up Garage Door: A swing-up door, also called a one-piece door, pivots on hinges and usually has springs on each side to adjust the balance.