Safety Tips When Working With Power Tools

Proper techniques with common sense are what you need to keep you safe while working with tools.  Make sure to fallow these simple safety tips when working  with power tools:

While working with tools make sure you are wearing safety shoes and you position yourself securely while handling the tool. Wear shoes with good ankle support so you won’t slip or fall if something unexpected happens.

Cutting Tool Safety: It is much safer to use a  sharpened cutting tool instead of a dull tool due to the fact that a sharpened tool is easier to control. A dull cutting edge can caused you to apply extra pressure which may result in a dangerous slip.

Safety Equipment: Wear special safety when working with certain tools:

  • A dust mask keeps your lungs safe when you’re sanding or when working with fiberglass insulation.
  • A cartridge respirator (which you may rent or purchase) should be used when working with paint and solvents to give you extra provides extra poisonous fumes.
  • Protect your hands from chemicals, insulation, and other abrasive or sharp objects by wearing gloves.
  • Wearing  ear protection is always a good safety idea when working with any noisy power tools. Ear protection will help prevent hearing loss.

Power Tools Safety: Work cautiously when using a power tools. Make sure to always safely unplug the tool when you are not using it or while you are adjusting the power tool. To guard against electric shock, check cords for damage. Plug three pronged tools into three pronged outlets only and never use an adapter unless its properly grounded.

Turn off an overheated tool at once and let the tool cool off before reusing the tool. Always stand on a dry surface to avoid shock. Make sure not to touch a water pipe with any part of your body or with the power tool you’re using.