Removing Dog Hair From Your Furniture

Having a dog as a pet can be great, however if they shed it can be such a pain.   There are ways to avoid your dog from shedding, but that doesn’t always work.  The easiest way to keep your house clean is to frequently clean areas on which you dog frequently lays.

Normally dog hair is terrible hard to get off of furniture, but if you follow these simple steps you can remove dog hair with easily.

1. Gather together a small bucket of water, gloves, and a trash bag.  The gloves can be rubber or latex.

2. Put the gloves over your hands and dip them into the water.  Make sure that you allow the excess water to drip off because you do not want too much water on the gloves.  They should be moderately damp.

3. Rub your hands, with the gloves on, across the surface.  It is best to move in a circular motion because you will clump the hair into a central area.

4. Remove the hair with your hand and place it into the trash bag.

5. Repeat this process over all of your furniture, and the dog hair will be removed.

Doing this on a daily basis may sound like a lot of work, but it is well worth it.  You can enjoy sitting on your furniture instead of worrying about the dog hair. Keeping your house clean and clear of dog hair can make you life much easier.  By doing it on a regular basis you will not have to spend hours at a time trying to clear your house of dog hair.