Quick Fixes To Repair A Leaky Roof

Leaks in roof usually appear during the rainy season when you are unable to make permanent repairs. So here are three quick fix steps to temporarily repair a leaky roof.

Emergency Patch: From inside of the home, apply a special roof patch to the leak using a putty knife or caulking gun. Work the special roof patch thoroughly on the leak until it is completely absorbed.

Temporary Shingle: If you have a missing or damaged shingle that is causing a leak, wait till the roof is dry then replace the damaged shingle with a 2 by 2 foot piece of galvanized sheet metal. To keep the sheet metal in place, push the sheet metal beneath a row of shingles above the damaged ones.

Water Diverter: If a leak appears during a rain storm and is too wet to patch, place a nail through the leak on the inside of the home. The nail will direct the water straight down. Place a bucket below the directed water flow. Once the leak becomes dry, apply the emergency patch method.

How To locate The Leak:

Water leaks tend to show up far from its point of origin. This is due to the fact that the water works its way throughout the layers of the roofing materials and down through rafters, then collects in a puddle in the attic or other areas of the home. Usually leaks begin at the roofs most vulnerable spots like a damaged shingles, eaves, and flashings.

Inspect from the inside: Using a flashlight to examine the beams and rafters of your attic. Look for any water stains, wet wood, soft spots, or moisture that may indicate a leak. Once you find the leak mark the spot with chalk so you may go back and find the leak more easily. Next poke a wire though the leak and out through the roof.

Inspect from the outside: Once you are on the roof look for the wire. Check the surrounding roof structure for traces of wear, broken or missing shingles, or loosen nails. Check the eaves for dry rot. Once you have located the leak, make the necessary repairs.

TIP: The actual outside leak may be above the wire that was poked out though the leak within the home.