How To Unclog A Drain With Ease

Err, it happened again, you are taking a shower or doing the dishes and the water just will not go down!  This can be very frustrating and annoying and can make you want to pull your hair out. What do you do?

Here are some steps that you can take to help rid whatever is clogging your drains!

1. First, remove everything that is located from under your sink.  This will help you gain better access to the pipes and keeps things a little less frustrating!  This also helps to protect the items in case of a leak.

2. Make sure you cut off the water!  This is very important to remember.  Located the water shut off, usually at the back of the wall.  It will be a silver knob and you need to turn it clockwise to close off the supply.  If there is standing water in the sink you should remember to plug it before you remove the pipes.

3. You can place a towel or a small pan under the sink to catch any leaking water and then remove the pipes.

4. Newer homes that use PVC pipes will not require any tools to remove them but older homes may need a large pipe wrench.  Remove the pipe at the elbow and try to find the clog.

5. Once the clog is found you can now place the pipes back on.  Be sure to tighten them gently but firmly to assure there are no leaks.  You may want to test the water slowly with a bucket underneath to make sure that the pipes are screwed on properly.

It can be very annoying when your sink is clogged and it can seem like a difficult thing to fix.  However, it is fairly simple and does not usually require the help of a plumber.  Doing it yourself could save you time and money!