How To Properly Clean Your Stove And Oven In 5 Easy Steps

For some people cleaning your stove can be quite a task.  Many choose to only clean it when they must and are afraid that it is too difficult and they may mess something up. No matter what your reason for not cleaning your stove is, the fact is that it must be done. Keeping your stove clean is a necessity to maintaining and clean and safe home.

Cleaning your stove does not always have to be time consuming and a difficult. By following these simple steps you can have your stove looking as good as new in just minutes.

1. Make sure that all electricity and gas is shut off.  This is important because you will be using liquid and moving around the stove.

2. Remove all removable parts from the stove and clean them individually.  You can clean them with just soap and water or some type of chemical stoves cleaner.

3. Depending on the type of stove you have you will need to clean the oven.  Some ovens have self cleaners, so you would just spray the chemical into the oven and let it work.  If you do not have a self cleaner you will want to scrub the oven out with soap and water.

4. With a damp cloth clean the entire stove thoroughly.  You may not want to use soap on this part because you will not be able to rinse.

5. Reassemble the stove and reconnect power.

By completing these steps you can have your stove looking brand new.