How To Keep Pipes From Freezing And Winterizing Your Plumbing System

When you leave your home for extended periods of time during winter, you usually close down your plumbing system to keep from high energy costs. Winterizing your plumbing is a coast-free way to avoid those frozen pipes.

  • When winterizing your pipes you will need to turn off the main shut off valve or have the water company turn off water service to the home.  From the top floor and working down, open all of your faucets inside and outside of the home.
  • Once all the water has dripped for the taps, open the plug from the main water shut off and let it drain. Turn off the power/gas to the water heater and open the water heater drain valve.
  • To freeze proof the water system of your home, make sure to empty toilet bowls and tanks, remove the cleanout plugs on all the sink traps or remove the traps completely.
  • Once emptied, fill with low temperature windshield fluid. Repeat the same step with the basement floor drain and main house trap.
  • For tub and shower traps, add at least a quart of RV antifreeze or windshield fluid.

*Never place antifreeze or windshield fluid in a dishwasher or clothes washer.