How To Install Windows In Five Easy Steps

You are finally going to do it.  You are taking the next step to adding value to your home and perhaps saving some energy as well by replacing your old window with an energy efficient window.  You may have wondered how you ever went so long with old windows.  Perhaps it was because you not sure how to install them and did not want to pay a hefty price to have someone do it for you?  Maybe you were afraid to get the old window out and not know where to go next?

Here are a few simple steps that can get you on your way to being a real do-it-yourselfer.

1. It is very important to take an accurate measure of the old windows.  Take your tape measure and size them up!

2. You can then go to the home improvement store and pick out the windows that suite your needs and budget and give them the proper sizes.  You may want to subtract a quarter to half a quarter on each side of the window.  Older homes where not built the same as newer ones and this could make a difference in size.

3. Make certain that the opening for the new window is level and is a perfect square.  This will allow the new window to slide in easily.

4. Now, remove the old window and the existing frame.  It is important to remember how the older window was attached.  If the new one comes with a wooden frame, simply screw it into place.  If the home is made of another material, like brick, you will need some wood blocks around the window to securely screw it in place.  If you do not have the wood blocks, consider using shims.  This will help keep it properly in place.  It is easier to install in homes with vinyl siding.

5. You will need to make sure you have screws for this process and caulking for around the area to seal it from moisture.

This is a fairly simple process for anyone looking to improve the look of their home or just save some money on their energy bills!