How To Install New Door Framing

Installing new door framing is a great way to replace that old framing, getting rid of its scuffs, nicks and worn places. That can be a simple and inexpensive component of updating your room, easily changing an old and worn component for a new, crisp looking and freshly painted frame!

Here are some tips to follow when learning how to install new door framing:

• After measuring the existing frame and determining the amount of wood it will take to cover the space involved, purchase your new frame.

• At that same time, purchase any hardware needed to put up the frame.

• When you have chosen the hardware, test the door in the frame to make sure that it will swing freely on its hinges and will close properly. If not, figure out why—it will never be any easier to fix! Make the necessary adjustments and then prepare to install the frame.

• Use good-grade wood materials to build your new frame. Hardware centers selling lumber products should have a ready assortment of molding woods available for you to choose your framing materials from.

• Be sure that you follow the old adage of “measure twice and cut once.” It is cheaper and more efficient to measure twice; cutting twice gets expensive!

• If you want your frame to be a certain color, the easiest time to stain or paint it is before it is installed. Stain or paint it and then, being sure that it is fully dry, hang the frame in place.

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