How To Install Door Locks To Ensure Better Home Security

Door locks are a necessary part of privacy and security in your home. Whether you are installing a door lock on your new door for the first time, or replacing an existing lock, the current locks being sold by lock companies are more consumer-friendly and easier to install correctly than ever before. Good, trust-worthy locks are available at hardware stores, general merchandise stores, and home improvement outlets.

In order to properly install your new lock, here are some “how-to” instructions to get you started:

  • It is a good idea to use screw drivers with magnetized heads to minimize the loss of small screws.
  • Be sure that you have the proper tool to bore the hole in the door; many new doors come already predrilled from the factory. Be sure that you are equipped to handle the drilling if the door is not pre-drilled or the size is not sufficient for the new lock.
  • If necessary, draw markings on the new door to show where hardware will be attached according to the directions on the packaging.
  • Remember that a door containing  windows may require a special type of deadbolt lock; one without  a visible bolt, to prevent break-ins. Always remember to install a location for a key to the lock to avoid being locked in!
  • Remember that oil and grease should not be used to lubricate locks; simple graphite (lead) is the proper substance to use if you are installing an antique lock and the workings are stiff or will not turn properly.
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