How To Install An Electronic Thermostat In Three Easy Steps

You can replace a old bimetal coil thermostat with a newer electronic model that allows for a greater range of programming options for your heating or cooling systeam. Blow are three easy steps to install an electronic thermostat:

1. Remove the cover and detach the wires of the old thermostat from their lettered terminals. Tag and label each wire to ensure you re-hook each wire up to the correct terminal. The tags will also work as a barrier to keep the wires from  siding back into the hole of the wall.

2. Attach the new bade plate to the wall with screws. Checking to ensure that the new thermostat is  level. Strip the wire ends if necessary, Wrap the ends clockwise around the terminal screws then tighten the screws with the wire attached.

3. Mount the new thermostat cover on the base plate by following the manufacture’s instructions.

Cleaning a Thermostat.

Cleaning your thermostat ensures trouble-free operation over its life . To clean your thermostat in three easy steps, simply remove the cover, many electronic thermostats are wireless and snap on and off with ease. Clean the contact points by turning the thermostat all the way up until the points are closed. Remove the cover and wiggle a strip of thin cord between the two points. Blow any lessen debris off the points. Once this is done clean the heat sensor. Brush the coil gently and then blow the heat sensor clan of debris. Then lastly clean the switch contacts. Simply do this with a cotton swab that as been moistened with a small amount of alcohol. By keeping your thermostat clean you prevent long-term damage allow for only quick fixes for heating an cooling systems.