How To Install A New Shower Head

If you have been eager to replace your shower head for a long time but where afraid that you would mess up the plumbing, this article is for you!  If you are tired of water only coming out of part of the head and cannot find a way to unclog it, then this article will tell you how to fix your faulty shower head.  You need not avoid it any longer!  It is very simple and easy to replace and very inexpensive!

A few simple steps can get you on the right track to relaxation.

1. You want to make sure to remove the old head first.  You can do this with a pair of pliers or a wrench that is adjustable (make sure you always use the right wrench for the job).  Turn counterclockwise while grasping the shower head firmly with your free hand.

2. You may find some buildup in your old shower head you will want to clean this from the pipe before installing the new one.

3. With the use of some plumbers tape you should wrap the pipe in a thin layer in a clockwise fashion.  Please make sure to dry the surface well before doing this or the tape will not stick.

4. Now it is time for the new shower head.  You should screw it on over the tape.

5. When you feel resistance this is a good point to stop.  Make sure you do not make it too tight.

6. Now turn on the water in the shower and make sure that there are no leaks around the new head.  If there are leaks, try tightening the shower head some more to see if that stops the leak.

Now you are on your way to a relaxing shower without all the clogs and leaking!  You may have thought the project was difficult before but with a few simple steps you can now consider yourself the perfect do-it-yourselfer!