How To Install A Kitchen Pantry

Adding a kitchen pantry to your home can give you the storage space you need to keep all of your dry goods stored properly and also can provide you with additional storage space for those extra dishes and pans. Because there is really no such thing as too much available room when it comes to kitchen storage space, the addition of a kitchen pantry is a good way to accommodate your individual storage needs.

When building your kitchen pantry, whether you are adding extra shelving or cabinets to your kitchen storage capacity, the added pantry space can provide style to your kitchen as well as functionality. The simple collection of your necessary items in a newly-fashioned area can breathe new life into the atmosphere of a well-organized kitchen.

Here are some tips to help you install a kitchen pantry:

• Determine how you want the pantry to look. Will it simply be a set of additional cabinets built adjacent to existing cabinets, or do you have a closet off the kitchen that can be converted and shelved to make a real pantry space complete with designated shelves for canned goods, dry goods, and extra dishes and pans. Remember, there is no requirement that the pantry be in the kitchen; you can designate a closet for that purpose outside of the kitchen.
• How will your new pantry cause you to adjust your original storage scheme, and are you prepared for what that will mean. Especially if you are using a nearby closet as your new pantry, take into consideration the increased walking distance to get to that space when considering what to relocate to that new storage space. Frequently used items need to be stored close at hand for comfort.
• Your pantry space will certainly involve building shelving for storage. Will you be using pull-out shelves installed with rollers for easy use?
• Will the pantry’s shape and size permit the placement of drawers to accommodate silverware storage and for small items? How will that be arranged?
• If space is a consideration, can existing cabinets in the kitchen be re-configured to obtain more efficient storage within the space already being used?

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