How To Install A Bathroom Vanity

Learning how to install a bathroom vanity while you are redecorating your bathroom can save an amazing amount of money in redecorating costs! As you decide to install your own bathroom vanity when choosing the right décor for your bathroom, you will have the chance to give to your creative side as you pursue the bathroom of your dreams.

Here are some simple steps to follow as you learn for yourself how to install a bathroom vanity:

• Your first step will be to remove the old vanity and measure to see where the new holes need to be drilled in the new vanity cabinet to enable the water service to be installed within the new cabinet.

• Once the holes have been cut in the new cabinet, transfer the water service via the pipes into the new cabinet so that the process of hooking up the sink can begin. The water to the bathroom and possibly the whole house or apartment will need to be cut off for the duration of the arranging of the water pipes.

• After cleaning the surrounding floor and double checking the water hook-up, place the new vanity into its proper location. The building owner may wish to place a thin layer of caulk the space between the cabinet and floor to avoid an accidental shift in the placement of the cabinet.

• Take steps to permanently affix the vanity to the bathroom floor.

• Install the new sink into the vanity and hook it up to the water.

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