How To Drill Pilot Holes In Wood

For the best result drill a pilot hole for a screw in soft wood. Choose a drill bit with the same diameter of the screws shank and drill only as deep as the length of the unthreaded shank. If drilling into hardwood, drill a smaller hole below the shank hole for the threads as well. This hole should be half as deep as the threaded portion. Next use a drill bit a little smaller in the diameter than the screw’s shaft.

You can countersunk a flathead screw so that it sit flush with the surface. However, sometime the screw will be sunk a little deeper and you can cover the head with a dowel plug or with wood putty.

An electric drill’s combination bit can create counterbore, countersink, and pilot holes all in one maneuver. However, you can get the same result with a three drill bit.

  1. One equal to the screw’s head diameter
  2. One equal to the screw’s shank diameter
  3. One equal to the screw’s shaft diameter

Drill to hold the shaft, shank, and head of a wood screw; if necessary, counterbore with a plug or putty