How to Clean Glass Windows Effectively

One of the dirtiest things in a home is the windows.  Many people hate to clean windows; however the fact is that it needs to be done.  Cleaning windows does not always have to be a major project; it can be cheap and quick.

The process of cleaning windows will depend on the type of window that is in your home, but normally the procedure is the same. When cleaning your windows these three simple steps should be followed.

1. Gather the cleaning products you choose to use on your windows.  Some people choose to use a window cleaner and an old newspaper.  Using a newspaper is an old fashioned way of cleaning windows however it is found to be very effective.  If you choose not to use a newspaper any type of towel will do the same job.

2.  Tilt the windows so that you can see both sides of the window to clean them properly.  The newer windows will have a latch that you can pull in, however the old windows may have to completely come out.  No matter what the process, make both sides of the window visible and accessible to clean.

3. Spray the windows with the cleaner of your choice, and wipe with the newspaper or towel.  To prevent streaking you should move in circular motions, applying the same amount of pressure.  When finished place the windows back in place and start on the next.

By following these simple steps you can clean your windows with little trouble.   It is important to know that cleaning windows does not always have to be a long procedure; it can take just a few minutes of your time.