Selecting the Right Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide detectors are a very important asset to maintaining a safe home.  Almost every home has a fire alarm; however carbon monoxide detectors are not so common.  A carbon monoxide detector is an alert system that notifies you if carbon monoxide is found within your home.

A carbon monoxide detector is such an important safety feature to a home because carbon monoxide is odorless and cannot be detected in any other way.  When selecting a carbon monoxide detector these simple steps should be fallowed.

  • See how far of a distance the carbon monoxide detector reaches.  If you live in a rather large home, or a home with multiple levels, you may need more than one.  If more than one detector is needed, place them strategically in your home for the most benefit.
  • Be sure that the detector can fit into the desired place in your home.  For example, if you wish to place the detector in your living room and you only have outlets that fit two prong plugs; you will not want a detector with three prongs on its plug.
  • Make sure that the detector is officially approved.  Some carbon monoxide detectors are not officially certified, therefore they are not proven to detect carbon monoxide as accurately.

Finding the right carbon monoxide detector is extremely important.  You can normally find a carbon monoxide detector at any hardware store. It is important to remember that a fire alarm is not the same thing as a carbon monoxide detector, nor does it work the same way. Make sure you know how to properly check you carbon monoxide detector once you have installed them into your home.