Repairing Resilient Tile

If tile is badly scratched or gouged, you will need to take it up and replace it. If you have an exact match of the original tile, the repaired resilient tile will be almost invisible, as long there are no existing stains on the tiles.

To remove the damaged resilient tile, you’ll need a propane torch with a flame spreader. An iron or heat gun may also be used. Once the adhesive under the damaged resilient tile is loosening, use a stiff putty knife and lift up the damaged resilient tile. When you’ve removed the damaged tile, let the adhesive cool and harden, this should take about an hour. Once the old adhesive is cool, you may scrape it off. Check to make sure the subfloor is smooth and flat.

Set the replacement resilient tile in the same type of adhesive that was used in the original installation. If you are unsure of what kind or adhesive was used you may use a solvent base adhesive.

Be sure the new tile is level with the neighboring ones. If it’s too low add more adhesive to the replacing resilient tile. If it is too high, press it down to squeeze out the excess adhesive beneath the replacing resilient tile. Use a recommended solvent to remove any excess adhesive. Make sure that the adhesive dries completely before walking on the replacement resilient tiled floor.

Four Easy Steps For Repairing Resilient Tile:
1. While keeping a fire extinguisher nearby, use a propane torch with a flame spreader to soften the adhesive under the damaged resilient tile. The tile should not be too hot to touch, but warm enough to loosen the adhesive beneath the damaged resilient tile. Pry up the damaged resilient tile by starting at a corner of the tile with a putty knife and left off.

2. Once the adhesive has hardened, scrape it up so the subfloor is level and clean.

3. Use a notched trowel to spread a thin, flat layer of adhesive on the subfloor.

4. Butt two adjacent edges of the new resilient tile against a pair of original adjacent tiles. Make sure you match any patterns. Press the replacing resilient tile in place and remove any smudges with a solvent and let the adhesive dry.

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