Quick Fixes For Shingle Repairs For Curls And Cracks

Asphalt shingles are composed of mats made form organic or fiberglass material saturate with asphalt and embedded with colored mineral granules. Though shapes very, many asphalt shingles are notched at intervals to form flaps, giving the appearance of smaller divisions. Shingles usually last from 15-25 years, depending on the climate and category of mat. Shingles that are aging may develop bald spots; or you may find a heavy accumulation of granules that clog the gutters, indicating a crumbling shingles. Here are three quick fixes for single repairs for curls and crack.

Curled Shingle: To Flatten a curled shingle, apply roofing cement under the lifted portion of the shingle and then press the curled shingle in place. Tack with roofing nails and cover nail heads with roofing cement.

Hairline Crack: Seal a fine crack with roofing cement or asphalt paint. Place the roofing cement or asphalt paint along the crack with a putty knife. Cement is also sold in cartridges and can be applied with a caulking gun for your convenience.
Tear: Liberally spread roofing cement underneath the tear. Press the shingle back in place and nail each side of the tear with roofing nails. Cover nails and the tear with roofing cement.