Preventing Garden Weeds

Many people find gardening very relaxing.  This can be a great way to decrease stress and to unwind at the end of a really exhausting day.  But, no one likes seeing their hard work overcome by a bunch of weeds.  If you are understanding this feeling and you are tired of garden weeds, you might be very interested to learn of new ways to prevent the weeds from entering your garden.

Try these simple tips:

1.)     Start by exploring the edge of your garden for weeds.  When you see any that are close to your garden you need to pull then and get rid of them.  They can actually spread into your garden so you need to get rid of them before that happens.

2.)     When you pull weeds, be sure that you are getting the entire root system out of the ground.  If you do not get the entire root, it will simply grow back.

3.)     Speak to a professional about what type of weed killer is the best.  Many people do not realize that certain sprays are made to kill weeds that are already visible.  However, other weed sprays are used to kill the roots and seeds so that they never appear in your garden.  It is important to know which type of weed killer you are purchasing so you can have the maximum results. There are also organic weed killers your can make at home.

4.)     Place mulch in your garden.  This helps because it keeps the soil shaded and prevents the weeds from growing.

5.)     Place a black plastic bag between the soil and the mulch.  This also keeps the sun out and it is very hard for weeds to grow through plastic.

So, there you have it.  A few simple tricks and tips to try when you want to keep your garden looking amazing and free of weeds.