Tips For Planting A Flower Garden

Planting a flower garden can be extremely relaxing for some people.  On the other hand many may view it as a pain.  No matter what the view of gardening is, people want flower gardens because they feel that it makes their home more attractive and inviting.

Planting a flower garden does not have to be difficult.  If you follow these flower garden tips, you can have a great looking garden in no time. 

1. Go to the flower shop of your choice, and choose the flowers in which you would like to plant.  Choosing flowers can be difficult if you do not know what you are looking for.  Keep in mind that perennials will come back every year, whereas annuals will die after the season. Also find flowers that do well in your type of sun exposure. If you have a shaded yard, buy flowers that flourish in the shaded. If you have a sunny yard, find the flowers that flourish in direct sun light.

2. Before you leave the flower shop, choose what type of mulch you would like to place around the garden.  Sometimes people do not want to lay mulch, so remember that stones or rocks are always an option.

3. Begin tilling the area that you choose to place the flower garden.  You do not have to have a tilling machine, you can simply use hand tools or a shovel. 

4. After tilling lay down garbage bags or gardening paper that will prevent weeds from growing in your garden. 

5. Insert holes in the paper or bags where you would like to place the flowers.  Continue this process until you have all of your flowers planted.

6. Insert the mulch or stones around you newly planted flowers being sure not to smother them.

After completing these steps you will have a beautiful flower garden.  Make sure that you water your flowers on a regular basis and keep the garden free of weeds.