Painting Your Bathroom That Perfect Color

Painting any room in your home can be a big deal.  Of course you can always repaint over it, but who wants to waste money and time repainting a room.  One of the most commonly judged rooms in a house is the bathroom, so when it comes time to paint and choosing the right décor for your bathroom, it is important to choose the right color.

By taking the steps below you can ensure that you are painting your bathroom that perfect color.

1. Decide whether you will just be painting your bathroom, or if you will be redecorating.

2. If you are repainting but not changing any other things in the room you will want to go with a color much like the one you already have.  If you are redecorating the entire room you will want to choose the style first and revolve your paint color around that.

3. After you know what style your bathroom will be, whether new or the same, go to the local paint store and choose color swatches that you think may fit your room.

4. Hold the swatches up to your walls and see what you think.  Also hole up the swatches to the different objects in the room such as a shower curtain or rug.

After completing these steps you should be able to choose a color for your bathroom.  It is important to remember that you may have to repeat some of these steps multiple times to get the color that you desire.  Choosing the right paint color for any room takes time, and should never be rushed.

Remember, your bathroom is one of your smaller rooms in your home; you will want to make sure you pick a light color paint. Dark colors may make the bathroom appear smaller.