Monthly Home Owner Maintenance Chart

When Where to Check What to Do
Every Month Fire ExtinguisherSmoke DetectorSink and Tub StoppersGarbage DisposalSteam Heating System

Hot Water Heating System

Forced Warm-Air Heating System

Evaporative Air Conditioner

Heat Pump

Refrigerated Air Conditioner

Make sure extinguisher is fully charged and recharge if necessary.Test batteries with a lit cigarette or incense. Replace  batteries if necessary.Clean out debris, such as hair, from the sink and tub stoppers.Flush with hot water and baking soda to clear out the garbage disposal.Check safety valve and steam pressure gauge. Check water level gauge and add water if water level is to low. Drain water until water runs clear of deposits.

Test relief valve and replace if needed. Check pressure gauge and drain expansion tank if necessary.

Clean or replace air filter.

Check or replace blankets; check air flow; clean unit if necessary.

Clean or replace air filter. Clean condenser, evaporator coils and condensate drain. Remove any snow or debris form the unit.

Clean filter, condenser and evaporator coils and condensate drain or replace if necessary.

Every 2 Months Oil BurnerWall FurnaceDishwasher Inspect and clean oil burner.Clean Grills from wall furnace.Clean grease filter in dishwasher.
Every 3 Months FaucetTub Drain AssemblyFloor Drain StrainerDishwasher Clean aerator portion of the faucet.Clean out debris and see if rubber seal need to be replaced.Clean out debris and scrub strainer clean.Clean strainer, spray arm, and air gap within the dishwasher.
Every 6 Months Basement and FoundationToiletInterior CaulkingWater HeaterGarbage Disposer

Clothes Washer

Clothes Dryer



Exhaust Fan

Range Hood Fan

Check for cracks and moisture and repair if cracks or moisture is found.Check for leaks.Inspect caulking around tubs, showers, and sinks to see if any  are deteriorating.Drain and flush hot water heater tank until is clear of sediment. Inspect flue assembly.Tighten drain connections and fasteners from sink to disposer.

Clean water inlet filters and check hoses for leaking.

Vacuum lint from ducts and surrounding areas.

Clan drain hole and pan. Wash door gasket and vacuum off condenser coils.

Check for frayed cords and wires. Repair any damages at once.

Clean grill and fan blades from dust and debris.

Wash fan blades and housing off.

Preventive maintenance around your home is to keep your home in good  repair.  Such routine home maintenance will avoid major repairs in the future. Below is a list of the most common year round home maintenance work you should do around your home. The chart is simply a guide. If you notice a problem developing take action immediately.

CAUTION: Before inspecting or working on any electrical system or on any device connected to it, shut off the power to your home and check to make sure the circuit is dead with a circuit tester. Unplug any device you plan to work on. For maintenance or repairs to plumbing fixtures or water using appliances you should shut off the water before making any repairs.