Marble – How To Clean And Maintain.

MarbleMarble…what can be more classic? Whether on countertops, sinks, or fireplace surrounds, this polished stone building material is often considered the gold standard for home surfaces. However, because it is porous –and therefore, easily stained – marble requires specific care routines. Additionally, marble is etched by acids, which means homeowners and their guests should be cognizant of liquids (even beverages) around this delicate material. So, the first rule of thumb when caring for marble: Use a coaster! And, wipe off any wet surface immediately.

To clean marble, wash occasionally with lukewarm water and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Also, wiping surface with a damp chamois will not leave streaks. A mild detergent solution (such as dishwashing detergent) can be used once or twice per year; if you choose to deep clean marble this way, be sure to rinse well and pat dry.

Are there other marble care products that can be used? A light coat of wax will protect the surface of marble, but is not essential and must be applied carefully. It should be a colorless wax; and, should only be used on colored marble (white marble will likely yellow from waxing). Finally, a marble sealer can be applied to clean marble, which will protect from staining and allow soil to be removed with a damp cloth.

These easy marble care tips should ensure that homeowners can enjoy their marble surfaces more, and for longer periods of time. Extend the life of your marble, increase the quality and value of your home!