How to Keep Spiders Away From Your Home

Spiders are insects that no one likes to encourage having a round. A good general all-purpose barrier of spider fighting insect treatment may serve to discourage the spiders from coming around.  Female spiders generally spin webs to live in; it is wise to knock down the webs as soon as you see them, as the webs contain eggs laid by the females in order to further the spider population. Keeping old miscellaneous items stored in an outside storage shed gives spiders a nice, warm secluded location to hide; watch your storage locations and try to eliminate clutter.

Here are a few tips you can try to keep spiders away from your home:

1. Use a spider-killing chemical around the outside of your house to provide a barrier against spider invasion. If you have pets, make sure you buy pet friendly chemicals or that you block any areas where you have placed the chemical so your pets will not have access to it.

2. Knock down any spider webs when you see them hanging in doorways and corners. Destroy the web materials in the event the web contains eggs.

3. Eliminate any unnecessary storage where spiders could hide and live.

4. Do away with places in your closets where spiders can hide, like old shoe boxes.

It is not always possible to ascertain whether or not the spider you see is a biting one or not, and if it is poisonous or not. Some spiders are beneficial and eat other insects, others are just plain scary! It is good to be familiar with the spiders in your midst, and not to get too friendly with them! See if you can find a local guide advising you about the spider population in your area; a local garden shop or hardware store are a good place to look for both information and bug treatments.