How To Install New Home Siding

Having proper siding to protect the exterior of your house is an important part of overall home maintenance. Siding adds attractive, affordable protection to the outside of a home. Regardless of the weather conditions surrounding the home, appropriate, well-installed siding can add years to the lifespan of the house and can keep it from deteriorating from exposure to the forces of nature which buffet in the form of rain, wind, and the harsh rays of the sun. In order to ensure that you have proper, durable siding, and that it is installed correctly, follow these simple steps to fully protect your valuable home:

1. Measure the amount of exterior wall to be covered with the siding. Then, measure a second time; it is easier to measure twice than to suffer the effects of cutting and then discovering that the measurement was incorrect!

2. Visit your local hardware or home goods store to choose the proper recommended grade of siding material for your area.

3. While purchasing the siding materials, be sure to pick up any recommended hardware – nails, tacks, or other fasteners, at the same time to ensure that you have sufficient supplies to finish your project.

4. Be certain that you have sufficient ladders or other construction devices to enable you to install the siding safely!

5. Decide in advance of installation if you want to stain the siding materials prior to installing them. The advantage to staining them in advance is that they can be stained more easily while they are still on the ground. Any scuffs to the finish can be touched up once the siding is permanently hung on the sides of the dwelling.

6. Once you have installed your homes new siding, make sure you know how to clean the siding as well as maintain your home siding.