How To Install Central Air

Central air, that glorious consistent chill that many homeowners are fortunate to have during the summer months, is typically installed by a company or professional installer. However, it is possible to install your own unit and hook it up to the appropriate ductwork if you have the proper tools and some general mechanical and electrical knowledge!

1. The first consideration is to choose a compressor unit which will be of sufficient to handle the space being cooled. Find the manufacturer whose units meet your general specifications as to price and availability, and then locate a unit to accommodate your living space needs.

2. Read the box carefully to determine if the existing ductwork available in the dwelling fits the specifications of the unit. If an adjustment to the ductwork is needed, you may need to consult a professional HVAC company unless you feel that you can install the needed items properly. Inadequate ductwork can impair the efficient cooling of your living space and correcting it properly is worth the extra cost.

3. Secure any recommended hardware needed to complete the installation.

4. The new unit will function best when seated on a level concrete pad. Be certain that you are able to secure the requisite pad and its proper placement to join with the electrical and other necessary connections where they are to enter the house.

5. Be certain to follow all installation instructions precisely as the unit is being hooked up, especially any safety concerns. If you are unfamiliar with any of the electrical hook-up procedures, be sure to ask someone to help who has handled that type of job before.

6. Be sure that you are fully informed about the requirements of the system before attempting to install the inside thermostat to make the unit turn on automatically. Make sure you know the proper maintenance of both the air conditioner and the thermostat to allow the unit to last at maximum longevity.

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