How To Install Carpet

Finally, you are getting new carpet!  You may have wanted to do it sooner but you were afraid that it would be too difficult to do it alone and too costly to hire someone else to do it.  It really is a simple process and there are just a few simple steps that you need to take to get your home looking more beautiful.

1. The first thing that you need to do is get some tools and necessities.  You will need quite a few smaller tools to do this job but nothing to expensive or difficult to use.

2. First remove the old carpet.  Using a utility knife you can cut the old carpet up into smaller pieces.  This will help to remove it from the room more easily.

3. You want to make sure that you clean the floor well and make sure it is dry before preparing to install the new carpet.  This will help keep lumps and moisture from becoming stuck under the new carpet.

4. Install tackless strips around the boarder of the room.  This allows the carpet to stick to it easily.

5. Measure the longest point of the room and add on at least four inches.  Measure twice and cut once!

6. Now, lay out the carpet where you have ample space to work and properly marking the back for cutting.  You can use a piece of chalk or two marks with a carpet knife.

7. Place the carpet into the room and roll it out and perform a “dry cut”.

8. If the room is too large for one piece, you may need to piece it.  This is when you will need a seam cutter.  This helps to make sure that the edges line up properly so you cannot see the piecing.

9. Use seaming tape to help piece them together.

10.  Heat a steam iron and run along the tape to help melt it.  Make sure you are applying some weight to the area while you use the steam iron.

11. Attach the carpet to the tacks along the outside and trim along the edges.

With just a few simples steps you can add beauty to any area!