How To Install An Air Conditioner To Beat The Summer Heat!

As we speed toward summer heat in the Northern Hemisphere, our thoughts turn longingly toward installing that air conditioner that’s just been sitting in the garage since we bought it used at a yard sale or new at a great sale at the end of the hot months last year! Now, all we have to do is install it in the chosen window and sit back to enjoy the cool!

Here are tips on how to install an air conditioner:

  • For the new unit, recommended installation instructions should accompany the packaging of the unit as it is unpacked.
  • If there are no instructions included with the new unit, as in the case when the purchase is a display model, check the Internet to see whether the manufacturer has posted any instructions concerning installation.
  • If you are attempting to install a unit without manufacturer’s instructions, be sure that the window or wall cut is adequate to accommodate the unit. Be sure that there is access to a properly rated cord powerful enough to handle the load the unit will place on the electrical system of the building where the machine will be placed.
  • Be sure that there are sufficient supports to handle the weight of the unit being used.
  • Be certain that there is an adequate drip pan or other means of collecting condensation that may be created by the unit. It may also be necessary to tilt the unit slightly to allow any water to run from the unit toward the outside and toward the ground to avoid any water damage.
  • Hardware stores or home goods stores carry materials that can be placed adjacent to a unit which will seal up any airspace open to the outdoor elements to prevent unwanted outdoor air or bugs from getting in the room where the unit is located.
  • It is preferred to not use an extension cord with an appliance as heavy as a window unit, for safety considerations. If one must be used to connect to a power supply, be certain that it is the shortest length of cord  possible to keep the unit safe.
  • Be sure that the air conditioner filter is clean and accessible, especially in the instance of used units and display model units.
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