How to Install A Sump Pump

You can be sure that your home will remain free of ground water and flooding caused from run-off when you know how to install your own sump pump! A sump is a fancy term for a hole in your floor designed to help eliminate run-off water that has seeped into the house through tiny cracks in your concrete foundation. A “sump pump” is a pump that you connect to your sump that will enable your house, by way of the sump, to be rid of excess and troublesome water that you don’t want in the house in the first place! The sump pump conducts the water away from the house so that it is no longer a problem for the house, its basement, or its foundation.

Here are some handy tips for you to use when you install a sump pump to rid your house of unnecessary water:

  • Be sure you hook up a pump which can thoroughly remove and properly divert the water by lifting it both up and away from the sump hole.  The capacity of the pump to be able to do that is called its “lift.”
  • You want a pump that is strong enough to remove the water and direct it as far away from the house as possible.
  • You must be absolutely certain that the connection of the pump and its electrical source are fully grounded, as electricity and water do not mix well or safely. The plug should ideally be a GFCI ground for your safety and the safety of the structure itself!