How to Install A Screen Door

Replacing a screen door is an easy way to get your task completed quickly and inexpensively. All that you will need to complete the project is a way to measure the space being covered with screen, sufficient screen, and small nails, tacks, or a staple gun.

Follow these quick and easy steps to install your own replacement door screens:

1. With a tape measure, measure the space to be covered with the new screen material. While many types of screen may easily be repaired, there are certain types which must be fully replaced instead. If the old screen material is available, measure that as well to get a more accurate computation of the amount of screen required.

2. Allow for at least 1 inch of extra screen on all four sides; this overlap will be the screen that is actually attached to the screen’s frame. If you have too much, it can be easily trimmed; too little will mean buying an entirely new piece of screen! Err on the side of too much! Having to trim off a little extra is far easier and cheaper than buying a whole new piece of screen.

3. Most screens stretch over a frame, usually the screen’s molding, that is then pressed into or attached to the door for a tight fitting screen.

4.Staple or tack the screen to the frame to ensure that it is tight and firm.

5. Be sure that the frame itself fits snugly back into the door.

6. Similar steps are used for metal screens. Snap the screen frame free of the door. Cover the frame with overlapping screen as you would for the wood frame. Snap the metal frame back into place. Follow these 5 tips to repair your screen door.