How To Install A New Screen Spline

The screen spline is that rubberized part of an effective screen which blocks the intrusion of small critters and dirt from coming in through the sides of the screen. While relatively unknown for its all-important job, it is an indispensable part of an effective screen! Because it is made from lowly rubber, it can wear out or become brittle from years of use, and may need replacing from time to time.

Below are some tips on how to install a new screen spline:

1. Remove the old screen and screen spline from the “spline channel;”  pry the old screen spline and screen out of the “spline channel” with a small screwdriver, taking special care to pull the old spline gently so as not to hurt the screen frame  or spline channel while doing so. Applying excessive force to the frame may cause it to bend if metal, or break, if wood and plastic.

2. Have the new screen precut, with a 1”  overlap to enable you to install the new screen along with the new spline in the spline channel.

3. Insert the new spline carefully into the spline channel along with the new screen, again gently using a small screwdriver to insert materials into the channel.

4. Repeat this along all sides of the screen, taking special care with the corners of the frame to enable the screen and spline to be inserted smoothly.

5. When you have finished, trim any additional spline material using a sharp utility knife and trimming along the frame side of the screen.