How To Install A Dryer

The luxury of being able to take care of your laundry needs in your home is something not everyone can afford. Some persons can afford only a washer and have to let their clothes hang to dry. For those individuals able to afford a clothes dryer, with just a little knowledge, they will be able to take it home and personally install it, thereby avoiding the delivery and installation charges which can add to the total cost of a dryer.

These simple tips will give you some hints on how to install a dryer:

  • Determine before picking out your dryer, whether your house has gas or electric hook-ups. If the hook-ups are gas, be certain that you have adequate knowledge concerning gas appliances before attempting the hook-up. Because natural gas is a dangerous substance, if you are not completely familiar with hooking it up safely, use the services of a professional for your own safety and that of persons living with you in the house.
  • Be sure that the lint ducts are installed properly and hooked up to an outside vent. Proper venting of lint is essential to the dryer operating correctly and not overheating and causing a fire risk.
  • Be sure that an electric dryer is securely plugged in to an appropriate outlet. The electrical cord should be long enough to reach the outlet without using an extension cord. If it is not long enough, take steps to replace it with a new, longer cord.
  • Be sure that the dryer has a lint trap which has to be cleaned between running loads of clothes. It should fit securely and be the proper accessory for that particular machine.