How To Install A Ceiling Fan

When you buy a ceiling fan kit, be sure to read the installation instructions before attempting to install the fan. If home electrical work is not part of your expertise, or if you live in an ole house, make sure you use an electrician. Although the work is not hard, it is tedious and should not be handled alone the first time. 

Place a clean sheet on the floor under where you will be dropping things like tools, parts and screws. The sheet will protect the floor and let you find what you have dropped due to the white background the items that fell will be easy to find. The sheet will also prevent tiny screws from being lost within the carpet.

Here are some simple tips to help you install a ceiling fan:

1. Place a clean sheet on the floor under where you want to install the fan.

2.  Pull out all instructions and parts from the box and lay them out in organized fashion.

3. Enlist the help of a patient friend who has had experience with the installation procedure in the past.

4. Be certain that the power to the entire house is completely shut off before beginning the task.

5. Follow the installation instructions that came with the fan precisely.

A ceiling fan is a comfortable addition to any room. Once you have installed you ceiling fan make sure you know how to effectively clean your ceiling fan.

In addition to providing cool air during warm weather, reversible fans can help funnel heat which has risen to the top of the room. They also provide “white noise” which makes some people sleep better.  They add gracious charm to any room and can help reduce heating bills year round. Fans are affordable ways to decorate and provide comfort to all in the room. With the many models available today, they are an excellent DIY project for a rainy weekend!