How To Get Scratches Out of Hardwood

If you have any old wooden furniture in your home you may have noticed that they are probably covered with scratches and marks that really take away from their beauty. You may have noticed some of these same scratches on wooden cabinets that you have or even on a new hardwood floor.  This can be very disappointing, no matter where they are in your home and it can make you anxious just looking at them.

But you are in luck, because there may be a way to get those wood scratches out of your furniture and a way to repair your hard wood floor. The following information below will help you with this chore. It is not hard and it can be really effective as long as you do it correctly.

•    Make a mixture of olive oil and vinegar.  This mixture will be half and half and while you do not have to really measure the ingredients, you do want to keep it pretty close.
•    Now, rub the mixture over the scratches and leave it there for approximately 24 to 48 hours.
•    When this time has passed you will want to wipe all of the mixture away from the wood.  You will find that those ugly scratches are gone and your wood looks amazing and new.

You can try this on any hardwood that you have scratches in.  However, you may want to try it in a discrete location until you verify that it does not harm or discolor the wood.  Once you determine that it will work out just fine and cause no further damage to the wood, you can begin repairing the scratches of the larger visible areas that need to be treated. So go get those unsightly wood scratches out of your valuable wood furniture and antiques.