How To Decreasing The Smell Of Paint In Your Home

Everyone likes to paint the rooms of their house every now and then.  It makes things look new and fresh.  It can also lift your spirits if you select the right color paint.  However, many people try to avoid this because they do not like the small that it creates.

Take a few moments in read this article.  You will learn a few simple steps that can help you decrease the smell of paint in your house.

  • Open the windows while you are painting.  This will create ventilation and it will help the pain smell flow outside.  Opening the windows can make your home cool if the outside temperature is low.  Therefore, you may not want to paint in the winter.  You may want to wait until the weather is nice so that you can open as many windows as possible without having to worry about making your home cold.
  • Consider purchasing paint that does not have VOCs in it.  This is something new and it simply means that the paint does not have volatile chemicals in it.  This means that it will not smell bad.
  • Consider getting an air purifier that you can use while you are painting.  If you are not interested in purchasing one you may be able to rent one.

Hopefully these steps will help you.  Just remember that lighting scented candles and spraying air fresheners will not help you get rid of the paint smell for good.  These are only tricks that will cover the smell and could pollute your home air even more.

If you now want to paint a room in your home, but are having trouble deciding on how to select the best paint color for your room, there are simple tips to find just that right color. For the last thing you want is to paint a room, gets rid of the paint smell and then latter come to find out that you do not like the color you chose.