How To Create Curb Appeal Within A Budget

Ok, so curb appeal is important; but how do you go about creating it, especially on today’s tight budgets? Well the good news is  there’s not always a need to take on a full-blown front yard landscaping project. Here are some easy, more affordable tips for creating curb appeal:

•Add to any existing flower bed some colorful seasonal plants.
•Attach stylish new home address numbers.
•Install a new all-weather mailbox.
•At the entrance of your home placing a new welcome mat and a group of potted plants.
•Add inexpensive, trendy lighting fixtures along your driveway or sidewalk.
Clean your homes siding.

Can’t afford to do all the above at one time? Thank is ok; space the tasks out over a timeline. Give yourself three months, six months, or even a year to add curb appeal to your home. When the mission is complete, you can be satisfied with a job well done – not to mention not only did you add beauty to your home you also added value to your home.