How to Clean Your Mini-Blinds With Ease

Many people have chosen to upgrade their window coverings to sheers or curtains from the outdated mini-blinds.  For those of you that choose to keep your mini-blinds, you know what a mess they are to clean.  If you try to clean them while still over the window you can miss spots or tear them.  If you try to take them off and clean them you may not know how to get them back up.  The good news is that your problems are about to be solved.

By following these simple steps you can clean your mini-blinds in no time at all and without any worries.

1. Remove the curtains carefully from the window.  You will want to make sure that you save every piece that you remove while taking down the blinds.

2. Place the blinds in the bathtub and run hot water over them.

3. Add any type of household cleaner and let sit for approximately five to ten minutes. If your blinds have any color besides white for the string, do not use bleach.

4. Begin to wipe the blinds using only your hands.  You will use your hands because you know exactly how much pressure you are applying and therefore your mini-blinds will be less likely to break.

5. Drain the water from your bathtub and begin to rinse the blinds with semi-warm water.

6. Place the blinds outside to dry, and leave them there for a half hour.

After completing these steps you can then put back up your mini-blinds.  Be careful not to break any of the blinds and to use all of the pieces that you removed when taking the blinds down.  Your blinds should look as good as new.